1. Income Tax Declaration for Financial Year 2022-2023, Assessment Year 2023-2024 new
  2. MoHFW Notification for BioRRAP new
  3. OM Notification BioRRAP new
  4. CSIR POOL & Fellowship attendance Performa
  5. Work Contract of Form 15CA & 15CB certification to M/s Purva & Associates
  6. Income Tax Saving Form for the year of 2021-2022
  7. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) financial implications between Stores, Departments & Finance Division at the time of Financial Concurrence, Funds Allocation, Fund Booking, and Payments / Expenditure.
  8. Deduction of TDS under old and new rates 2021-2022 (In Continuation of Previous Circular)
  9. Undertaking and Bifurcation Forms
  10. DSIR Certificate
  11. SOP and Checklist for Machinery & Equipment
  12. Proprietory/Specific Brand Goods Certificate
  13. Challan Form
  14. AIIMS Store Section (DO) circular no F.X.X-12/SO/(DO)/2019-19/St. dated 2.9.2019
  15. AIIMS-IIT Delhi Collaborative approved project list for the year 2019-2020  
  16. Application form for eZ Pay Card-prepaid card pdf (PDF)  
  17. Application form for eZ Pay Card-prepaid card_MS Word (Word Document)  
  18. Application form for eZ Pay Card-prepaid card pdf_Hindi (PDF)  
  19. Revision of Overhead Charges for Research  
  20. Temporary Advance Form PDF  
  21. Temporary Advance Form (Word Document)  
  22. Form for Database of Project Staff_PO_SRORO_SRF-JRF_Etc.pdf  
  23. First Annual Research Day Prize Winners
  24. First Annual Research Day Abstracts List
  25. E-Abstract Book of First Annual AIIMS Research Day
  27. Deduction of TDS under old and new rates 2020-2021
  28. New open saving bank account instead of "DIRECTOR AIIMS"
  29. Research at AIIMS(A GLIMPSE)