Extramural Research Projects

Extramural funding constitutes the major chunk of the research grants at AIIMS. At present, >600 extramural research projects are running at the institute. The overall administrative aspects of the projects are managed by the research section right from its inception.

Standard Operating Procedures for applying for extramural funding

If a faculty/scientist of AIIMS wants to apply for funding for a research project, it is mandatory for a project proposal to be routed through the Research Section for the first stage of vetting in accordance with the procedural aspects being followed at the Institute. After the requisite scrutiny of the project as regards the budget, staff and their salary structure, provision of co-investigator and establishment charges etc., the Research Section forwards the proposal to the funding agency. It is mandatory to have a Co-Investigator, preferably from the same department as that of the Project Investigator.

No faculty member/scientist of AIIMS will able to claim the status of a Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator of a project either at AIIMS or any other external Institution if the project has not been registered in the Research Section, AIIMS. In case any faculty member/scientist is associated with any collaborative research project outside AIIMS, permission for the same would have to be sought before the initiation of the project.

How to obtain operative approval/project code number?

Once the project is sanctioned by the funding agency, operative approval from the competent authority at AIIMS, is required and thereafter a "Project Code Number" is allotted by the Research Section which should be cited in all correspondence related to that project.

The Project Investigator (PI) should not start the work of the project or employ staff without the operative approval of the competent authority. Operative approval would not be granted without ethical clearance from the Institute Ethical Committee. For any research project to be initiated at AIIMS, the following clearances are required as appropriate. These requirements are also applicable to international projects:

  1. Institute Ethics committee
  2. Animal Ethics Committee
  3. Bio-Safety Committee
  4. Radiation Safety Committee
  5. Health Ministry Screening Committee
  6. Clinical Trial Registry of India
  7. DCGI Approval