The management of Intramural Research Grant has been transferred from Dean (Academic) to Dean (Research) as per Memo No.5-59/Intramural Res/2010/RS dated 2.7.2011.

The Standing Finance Committee in its meeting held on 4.7.2011 vide item NoFC-198/15 approved enhancement of intramural research projects at AIIMS.  The following are the guidelines for research project proposals to be covered under this new scheme:


1.      The budget for research funding has been enhanced to Indian Rupee symbol.svg 50,000,000 (five crores) per annum.

2.     The upper limit for a project has been increased to Indian Rupee symbol.svg 500,000 (five lacs) per annum depending upon the quality of project.

3.    The duration of each project is limited to a maximum of 24 months, on a case to case basis.

4.   Proposals will be accepted after a call is made for the same. The applicants will be advised to obtain statutory clearances before sanction of     funds so as not to waste time.

5.  The funds will be utilized only for purchase of consumables only: chemicals, kits, disposables. All items covered under the Learning Resource Allowance Scheme will not be allowed under this scheme. Stationery (office and computer), photocopying and postage will not be allowed. Purchase of permanent equipments will not be allowed. Registration of Ph.D. students will not be allowed under this scheme. Employment of staff will not be allowed.

6.  Progress of research work will be reviewed by the Project Advisory and Monitoring Committee every six months. The investigators will be required to publish at least one paper in a peer reviewed journal based on the work of the project.  This work should ideally lead to a larger project for funding from other funding agencies.


While initiating the process of submitting a project proposal to the Research Section, a simultaneous move for ethical clearance for use of animals, biosafety etc. must also be launched in order to ensure that the clearance is obtained before the initiation of the project.

The Project Investigator (PI) should not start the work of the project without ethical clearance. Operative approval/Code Number would not be granted without ethical clearance certificate from the Ethical Committee.

Please look for call for proposal for the grant of Institute Research Fund in the section of circulars.

Call For Proposal For Intramural Grant