Organizational Set-up:

The administrative hierarchy of the research section includes Dean (Research), Sub-Dean (Research), and officer in-charge of 3 functional units viz., Administrative Unit, Accounts Unit and Stores Unit.

Dean (Research) provides leadership and gives a long-term vision for a thriving research environment. Sub-Dean (Research) conceptualizes and implements ideas for stimulating and enhancing research. Their focus is on faculty development, increasing funding for research, and foster international and national collaboration. A team of senior officials and assistants looking after administration, finance and store purchase ably assists the dean.

Administration:  The administrative wing manages the various research projects as regards their operational approval, employment of staff as per the government norms, and periodic monitoring of the projects. The appointment of the research staff and their extension, EHS facility, revision of pay, visit to India & abroad for conference/training etc., are dealt with in the administrative wing of the Research Section.

Finance and accounts: The accounts section manages the funds received from all the extramural funding agencies for research projects. The salary of the project staff, temporary advances & adjustment, payment of supplies and materials, contingency bills, statement of accounts, payment, DGACR audit work, annual account etc come under the ambit of the accounts section.  The general financial rules are followed for the purchase of any item in the research projects at the AIIMS.

Store section: The Stores section deals with processing of purchase of equipment, consumables, chemicals/other items by  researchers for their projects. Proper procedures are followed as per the existing norms at the institute. The intention is to facilitate the purchase for the benefit of the researchers and at the same time ensuring that due diligence is applied for such purchase. Open general license (OGL), making of demand draft, supply orders, Letter of Credit (LC), advertisement of tender and rate enquiries, placing the matter in the stores purchase committee of AIIMS (if required) and negotiation etc. are some of the key functions of the store section.

Dr. Chitra Sarkar

Dr. Vineet Ahuja
Associate Dean

Administration Finance Procurement
Sh. Ealias P.I
Administrative Officer (26594245 Ext, 4245)
Ms. Meenakshi Dabral
Accounts Officer (26593273 Int. Ext. 3273)
Sh. Narendra Kumar
Stores Officer (26596733 Ext. 6733)
Sh. Bhoop Singh (A.A.O)    
Sh. Amit Kumar, Stenographer (26593277) Mrs. S Tanveer, J.A.O (26593425) Mrs Chitralekha ,LDC
Sh. G.C. Sathyan, UDC, (26594258) Mrs. Harvinder Kaur, UDC  (26593425)  
Sh. Udai Chand, D.E.O. (26593441) Sh. Shyam Sunder, UDC (26593425)  
Mrs. Sujata, LDC (26594245) Sh. Harish Chander, UDC (26593425)  
Mrs. Vandana Gupta, LDC (26594258) Mrs Neeru Solanki , LDC  
  Mr. OM Parkash Ojha, LDC (26593425)  
  Mrs. Anjali, LDC (26593425)