The institute has a tradition of having periodic research presentations by its faculty on the third Tuesday of every month. The presentation is voluntary. The faculty member making the presentation generally focuses on his/her research carried out in the recent past on a specific topic of interest.  This is an important platform for scientific interaction, generating new ideas and for fostering inter-departmental collaborative research.


The Academic Section has recently transferred the responsibility of conducting this activity to the Research Section. In this direction, it has been decided that individual faculty members will be requested to present their studies in a manner that it is relevant and of interest to most members of other disciplines. It is also important to frame researchable questions for the future so that translational value of the studies can be highlighted and new collaborative groups made.  With the ever growing specialties and super specialties, most faculty members may not be aware of the strengths of their colleagues, technical capabilities and academic brilliance.

The monthly Research Presentations will provide the right environment and forum for our faculty to discuss new ideas and forge collaborations between basic scientists and clinicians.  This will go a long way in enhancing the overall research environment.  The Research Section earnestly appeals to all faculty members to join hands with renewed enthusiasm and vigour to make this monthly activity a useful exercise.


Dates available for presentation in the current session:


Tuesday 19th August, 5PM onwards

Tuesday 16th September, 5PM onwards

Tuesday 21st October, 5PM onwards

Tuesday 18th November, 5PM onwards


Venue: Dr. Ramalingaswamy Board Room, AIIMS, New Delhi.